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What I do:

I am a social media strategist helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business, reach their customers and boost their profit with social media. What I do exactly is showing business owners and entrepreneurs the skills to connect with their audience with social media in a fun and easy way. I help them leverage the hidden powers of social media so they can have a lasting impression on their audience.

I offer 3 levels of workshops where they will learn how to establish a powerful and persuasive brand, attract a loyal following, increase engagements and conversions so they generate value and revenue.

I offer a 1 hour VIP accelerator session where we will analyse their situation, create a strategy to increase brand awareness, online presence and attract clients.

I offer Facebook ads management for busy business owners and entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, I offer a 1:1 6 months coaching where we will develop a roadmap, establish a winning social media strategy for their business focusing on the two best platforms where their audience hangout, Facebook advertisement and bi-weekly calls.




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