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I have a Facebook page, now what?

I help established businesses and individuals create, integrate or strengthen their social media in their marketing strategy.

Facebook is my weapon of choice – everyone is on Facebook, and your customers are too, whether you are an online business, a classic brick-and-mortar company or a B2B business (yes, B2B businesses MUST be on Facebook too. Your job is also to help your clients to sell to their own clients)

I can help you develop a targeted online community to generate more profits, promote engagement and improve your brand awareness. With my experience in highly targeted Facebook ads and promotions, I make sure that you are not wasting your advertising dollars by reaching out to the wrong audience.

Social media management is not an overnight miracle, it takes efforts, grit and investment – but much less than you could think. Even a couple of dollars targeted to the right audience can bring excellent results, but you need to know what you are doing, and this is why I am here to help you.

Let’s talk about your current marketing strategy, even if it is barely existing. Let’s get in touch!

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