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My name is Kaylyn Parker and I am a Social Media Strategist. I love social media marketing! My specialty is in creating and helping to implement high-level strategies to get your business noticed online, no matter the industry.

Using a streamlined process, I will grow your audience, get your brand noticed, and get more web traffic to your site or foot traffic into your door.

At first my fondness for social media was a “hobby” and a way to connect with industry leaders in my corporate banking job. And then it happened. I became obsessed with social media strategy!

It seemed like every waking moment was spent perfecting my “craft.” I have spent the past several years working with small-to-medium-sized businesses across many industries on social media strategies that pay for themselves.

My small hometown values of genuinely connecting with others and working hard, my entrepreneurial spirit that never let me settle for a life I wasn’t happy with, and my quirky obsession with social media all culminated into a business and life that I am extremely proud of today.

I have been extremely fortunate to use my passion and expertise of social media to help business owners get their passion and expertise noticed.

Allow me to help you learn the ins and outs of social media too. With me, you will have the tools to: promote your business effectively, build brand loyalty with your clients, and fall in love with social media, the ultimate marketing tool.


Web:    www.kaylynparker.com